Hoover SmartWash Reviews

Best Carpet Cleaner I’ve Ever Owned

By TornadoMama

I bought this after my old Hoover blew a belt and this had the best reviews of what was available in store and even online. I used it for the first time in my sons toy room as one of the dogs got into moldy raspberries (from the trash) and smeared them in the toy room (red streak in photo). We’ve lived in the house a month and it’s a highly used room other than our bedrooms. Even after the first swipe of using this it was pretty dry. The smart feature of just pushing it and the solution water mixture coming out is pretty awesome too. After I finished the entire room I used the dry only feature and it was pretty much dry after using it. I am definitely impressed and love this!

Forget Paying Expensive Carpet Cleaning Services


I love this carpet cleaner (but I do hate cleaning carpets)! I bought this Hoover SmartWash since I have a 10 month-old baby that’s beginning to crawl. The wife wanted to me to vacuum the high traffic carpet in our family room and I knew that was not going to cut it so I made this purchase. It is pretty simple to use this carpet cleaner. If you can vacuum your carpet then you can use this cleaner. I like the push-to-spray and pull-to-dry feature. No buttons to have to push to dispense water and cleaner. It truly is a smart carpet cleaner. It does as good of a job at cleaning the carpet as any carpet cleaning service and saves money in the long run. I can also clean my carpets when I’m ready to without scheduling issues. I actually got the carpet clean in an area that a professional cleaning service could not clean. The amount of dirt that was picked up shocked me (see photo). This machine is good!

Don’t think about it, just buy it now!

By JenB

I’ve never deep cleaned my carpets, i had some bad stains by my front door that i covered with a rug, this magical machine removed them in no time! My carpet literally looks brand new! I highly recommend investing in this cleaner, it’s worth it!

Excellent product

By Melissa

This shampooer is so easy to use and easy to clean! I’m beyond pleased with it! I have four pets…two cats and two dogs. One dog is German Shepard and the amount of hair my vacuum was leaving behind is shocking to me. And it’s top of the line! My carpet was beyond stained and now looks fluffy and clean. I had horrible wax stains in my carpet from when my cat knocked over a lit candle. It splattered everywhere and this cleaner took out the stains with ease! Also the drying function works great! Helps the carpet dry faster by removing any excess water. This is shampooer is well worth the money! The only thing that can be improved on is the cord holder hook. It doesn’t hold the cord at all. Other than that super happy I bought it!