Hoover SmartWash Pet Reviews

does what it says it does

By oceanbreeze20

I bought this over the summer cause I knew I needed to clean my carpets. I did my whole house and of course changed the water after each room, The best part was that I saved my landlord a lot of money cause i clean his other rental homes and he asked me to have the house ready by a certain time for the carpet cleaners. I asked him to cancel the carpet cleaners and let me show him what I can do with my carpet cleaner. All I can say is that he was very impressed.


By Candy527

I received this Hoover carpet scrubber for Christmas and let me just say it was the ONLY thing on my Christmas list!! I’m so happy my husband listened to me and bought it! My mom had it first and after I borrowed it, I was so impressed that I had to have it! That’s all I wanted. We moved into a house and had the carpet replaced only 2 years ago and the amount of dirt this pulled up from my carpet amazed me!!! I could not believe they were that dirty! We also decided to get a puppy for Christmas. That was reason #2 why I HAD to have this machine. I’ve already used multiple times cleaning the area rug and even once on the couch. It’s also the easiest machine I have ever used in my life. It’s as easy as pushing a sweeper back and forth! That’s it! If your thinking about getting it, don’t think, just get it!

Ease in using and cleaning

By Perfectionist

Bought it today, my third Hoover carpet machine in 25 years. Very effective, easy to maneuver,, simple to assemble, simple to remove and clean the brush area, very user friendly. Only problem, as the fine pet hair and loose carpet threads are sucked up, they just accumulate at the top of the clear plastic brush roll area, they do not go up into the dirty water tank. Should this happen?

This is the best carpet cleaner

By Stmbt Ski

The Hoover SmartWash PET Carpet Cleaner is the best. I have 4 dogs that run free in our pasture in the CO Mountains. They track in lots of dirt. The Hoover SmartWash PET Carpet Cleaner deep cleans our carpets perfectly and is easy to use. The stain remover wand is a big plus. The technology that automatically mixes and dispenses the cleaning solution as you push forward and the auto suctioning and drying as you pull back back makes cleaning the carpets a breeze. The dual action bushes get the first and make the carpets look new again. I heartily recommend the Hoover SmartWash PET Carpet Cleaner. Did mention that it is the Best!