Hoover Blade Max Reviews

My new favorite hobby


I use this vacuum on tile, wood, and rug and it has not let me down yet. Cat litter, cat hair, dust, pasta, anything and everything gets sucked. The battery is fantastic and it is so quiet! Would buy again!

Changed How I Vacuum/Clean

By JoJo

Best cordless I have EVER found…. And I have been looking for a long time…

Everyone needs one of these!!

By Andrea

Long story short I inherited this vacuum when I moved, and I completely fell in love with it I had two attachments for it but it was the most amazing little vacuum I’ve ever used and so simple especially since I don’t need to plug it in so it’s been about nine months, and I decided I wanted a new one just because so I went online and ordered it and I was completely content thanking that it was only coming with the two attachments that I had when that vacuum came in the mail I was like a little kid at Christmas I ripped it open plugged in my battery and because I had the exact same vacuum just an older version I had a charged battery and I started vacuuming immediately I was completely shocked with how many attachments that came with and so excited to find out that it has a light too!!! This vacuum is awesome I actually bought another battery today so that I’ll always have a charged battery no matter what it vacuums any floor and surface with ease it’s just absolutely exceeded all my expectations and I would buy it over and over again I am very very happy with my purchase and truly believe that everybody needs one of these vacuums!!

Super Handy Vacuum

By djfr

I use the Hoover ONEPWR Blade for the largest part of our vacuuming, lots of power in a semi small package! Ninety percent of our floors are stained concrete, we have not had or tried a vacuum that will pick up the fine dust off the concrete floors and we have tried some of the alleged best on the market. The Hoover ONEPWR Blade Max, with the microfiber hard floor head, will clean the dust off the concrete floors leaving them with that “just washed” shine. I was impressed with the ONEPWR Blade with the standard style roller brush and how well it cleaned the hard floors however the microfiber hard floor head does an excellent job of vacuuming and polishing. Another excellent feature is the size, fits nicely under most of our furniture, has a fantastic range of motion, something you do not have and cannot do with regular size vacuums. Being able to grab up the ONEPWR Blade and vacuum quickly, without the annoying cord, does have benefits. The attachments that accompany the ONEPWR Blade make this unit a complete cleaning package. The versatility of the ONEPWR Blade is exceptional. We have two dogs and one of them sheds constantly. The Pet Turbo Tool works great when cleaning dog hair off furniture and throw rugs. We also live in a very dusty area, vacuuming daily is necessary. I would suggest having a spare battery. You are going to find ONEPWR your “go to” vacuum, having the extra battery is nice. To complete the package is Hoover’s service. They stand behind thier products, with pride. This makes the package complete when you can purchase a product, with a good warranty, and know that Hoover will stand behind the product.